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A Super Platform For AI
Automation Agency Owners

Agentive is the go-to service delivery platform for AI Automation Agency owners. Easily create AI solutions for your clients.

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The Fastest Way To Build And Deliver
AI Agents For Your Clients


Join Over 14,000 AI Agency Owners
Building on Agentive

Over 5,500 custom agents have been built across every major industry

Select your foundational model, personalize it with your custom knowledge and tools, and effortlessly deploy your agent across websites and social platforms, or send it to your client for delivery.

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The Complete AI Agent Platform

Select Your Foundational Model

Choose from OpenAI's suite of models to tailor your technology stack. Experiment with ease to identify the perfect match for your unique needs. More models coming soon.

Perform Actions With Tooling

Seamlessly integrate with our tool suite, including voice-calling via to allow for your agent to engage in voice calling, or bring your own tools to allow your agent to perform custom actions.

Craft The Perfect Prompt

Boost your agent's performance with templated prompts that use the latest best practises and make the right adjustments to your prompt using our prompt improvement system.

Zero Downtime with Versioning

Agentive is the only platform to allow you to tweak your assistants offline and seamlessly transition them live, completely eliminating agent downtime.

Train with your Own Data

Tailor your agents to perfection using your own datasets and leverage the power of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) for unparalleled customization.

Fast-Track Developments with Templates

Choose from Agentive's templates and customize them for your needs, significantly cutting down on development time.

Built By Agency Owners, For Agency Owners

Agentive was developed by Morningside AI, a leading AI Automation Agency led by the creator of the AI Agency model, Liam Ottley.

90% of the services delivered by AI agencies are AI Agents, and we understand the true challenges faced when creating, managing, and deploying these solutions.

This tool is to simplify the creation and deployment of AI agents, not make it more complicated.

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